View Full Version : Salt

11-Aug-10, 13:56
Quite a gritty film as action packed as you would expect from Jolie.
Have to say it was a tad slow in places but a good film all the same.

Jolie plays a Russian sleeper who is supposed to assassinate both the Russian and American presidents. Seems she has different ideas though and actually goes all out to protect them both.
Bit obvious who the bad guy is though!

20-Aug-10, 15:31
sounds good hope so cos going to the cinema the night till watch it :)

20-Aug-10, 20:52
Bit of a big spoiler!

21-Aug-10, 18:21
Watched it, seemed very much in away like the Bourne films. A sequel on the way by the looks of it.

07-Oct-10, 18:40
I've not seen this film yet and it's probably not her best film i likes her in mr & mrs smith