View Full Version : Metal GIG at The Yard in Wick Tuesday August 24th 2004

27-Jun-04, 16:06
Nottingham based Hardcore Metal band HEAD HUNG LOW are playing The Yard in Wick on Tuesday August 24th. Debut album "Audio Killing Spree" is being released through Psychophonic Records in late July. Joining them on the evening are local bands Estrella and possibly Boss Hogg. For any serious fans of metal out there come along on the night and check us out, some MP3's of our previous EP are downloadable from our website www.headhunglow.co.uk This is a free gig and our label are interested in this excursion we've planned for ourselves and may follow it up by sending a few more bands up here for more dates next year.

27-Jun-04, 19:23
Dam I would of come along but that's the day I fly down for Reading festival! But good luck :D

27-Jun-04, 23:53
No offence guys but your style of music will go down as well in The Yard as a fart in a crowded lift, you'll be lucky if you get half a dozen people into your style in Wick, it's just not a style of music that will draw a crowd, especially on a Tuesday night.

Iv'e played in The Yard a few times at the weekend and it's hard enough then to get a response from the crowd, and we were playing stuff like The Darkness, Blink 182, Thin Lizzy, Tom Petty etc

I'll be coming down tho cos' i like all kinds of metal, you guys kinda remind me of Morbid Angel, it's not the kind of metal i usually listen to, but as death metal goes...it aint half bad, good luck anyway

29-Jun-04, 10:39
Well we wanted to come and play Wick as a surprise to our guitarist as it's home soil for him. I suspect he may find out a couple of weeks before as we've got a run of adverts for our album coming in the Aug 4th edition of Matel Hammer. But to be honest I come from a small town and it has often surprised me how many will come, although I know a Tuesday in the middle of the holiday period is not likely to be the best time. It can be surprising what kind of people do like this type of style if they first encounter it live. We had to do a show last year in a smaller venue in Bristol so a promoter form a bigger club could check us out. The venue was more suited to rock standards, where Bon Jovi would be considered treading towards metal. But we have a pretty physical live show and I couldn't believe how much these guys got into it. We have a pretty controlled sound and are tight (generally) so I'm looking forward to the challenge and I've got some people from Orkney coming over too. I'm glad you're going to come along though.

13-Jul-04, 10:35
Thanks to the guys that have contacted me I look forward to meeting you on the night. I know alot of consensus is that a metal band is wasting its time in Wick, but we're looking forward to it. Our guitarist said when he was at school no bands bothered with most places north of Edinburgh / Glasgow so we just want to buck the trend and give it a shot. He said on the few occasions bands did venture your way people did turn out. I know he's gonna love it when he finds out. We'll see on the night and we're looking forward to the trip. Keep it metal dudes!!!

21-Jul-04, 15:30
why not try hootenannys bar in inverness
look them up and speak to debz



23-Jul-04, 20:08
Just to say, thank you guys for taking the time to come up. I for one will be there, and bringing a few mates as well.


The Doc

08-Aug-04, 16:46
will see if we can ge over there if i remember about it, someone send an email to me at the radio station on the friday before to remind me and i will mention it too.
if i do forget or can't make it for any reason, good luck.

oh yeah?...... where in wick is the yard?

08-Aug-04, 19:31
'The Yard' is inbetween the College and the Waterfront Do you know where they are?

09-Aug-04, 12:49
thanks yes i know where the college is so it can't be hard to find the gig from there :)

16-Aug-04, 16:14
Alrite guy's. Just wondering what the set up for this gig is going to be. What time is it going to starting at ? what equitment will be used ? and how long a set are you's wanting us to play ?