View Full Version : minibus or 7 seater

09-Aug-10, 17:11
Hi anyone out there know where I could hire a minibus or 7 seater to take my group of young carers out for the day on thursday this week. Have tried richards they have nothing.:(

09-Aug-10, 17:17
Russells (sp?) Garage in Brora definately had a MPV in the garage last time I was down there for a car - Google 'Practical car hire Brora' for their details, cos I can't remember them off the top of my (dozy, old) head:)

09-Aug-10, 17:34
George Dunnet at Ormlie lodge is really reliable as long as you don't mind using his drivers.

09-Aug-10, 18:12
Try Andrew o Brien Strathnaver he has a minibus and is very reliable:roll:

09-Aug-10, 21:05
Hi i have a 7 seater grand espace you would be more than welcome to borrow on Thursday - PM me if you are still needing one Angela xx