View Full Version : Missing ragdoll cat

08-Aug-10, 15:26
Went missing in pennyland area yesterday afternoon :( She is a seal point ragdoll (fluffy, cream & dark). She is not wearing a collar as she is a house cat. Please please get in touch if you have seen/found her. Reward offered. 07787931555

08-Aug-10, 15:42
i will keep an eye out incase she wanders across to spring park area best wishes xxx

08-Aug-10, 19:32
Asia on the left is our missing Ragdoll. Please get in touch if you have seen a cat looking like this. She never goes out so may be lost and scared! :cry:

09-Aug-10, 09:33
Thanks everyone - she wandered back in this morning after 2 nights in the wild! Looking rather tired and a bity scruffy but apart from that OK. Phew. :Razz

09-Aug-10, 11:23
that is great news she must have been out hunting most cats go off to hunt what i find strange is why is everyones pets going missing:confused: