View Full Version : best place for lunch in Wick

03-Aug-10, 22:09
Looking for some info on places to lunch in Wick for a family of 5 with no children...Help ..please dont say Tesco's...

03-Aug-10, 22:13
Wickers World...every time!x

starlight express
03-Aug-10, 22:24
Definately Wickers World......also my family have found that the Bay Owl in Dunbeath is lovely for a meal, good food reasonable price, lovely staff...and a great view.

03-Aug-10, 22:25
Wicker's World food is fine but a bit 'busy cafe'. If you want a really good lunch in nice surroundings it's got to be Mackays Hotel. The food and the service is superb.

03-Aug-10, 22:26
Food in the Norseman is lovely, all home made!

puffin croft
03-Aug-10, 22:28
schoolhouse restaurant,jo'gs is fab.

starlight express
03-Aug-10, 22:29
The Norseman is fab for Sunday carvery, big selection of everything.....and the sweets are amazing....and all at a reasonable price for a family.

03-Aug-10, 22:34
Yes I can concur with that, it's a fabulous carvery on a Sunday. Didn't consider that as I assumed that you were asking about a weekday lunch.

04-Aug-10, 05:19
My Daughter-in-law is the best place to eat--she is a wizard with food--must agree with blarney Wickersworld through the week Norseman on Sunday.

07-Aug-10, 10:30
Wickers World !!

08-Aug-10, 21:50
Wickers world is great...
but I keep trying to go on a Sunday if we have been swimming
...and its shut.

09-Aug-10, 15:25
Right the thick lass no fae Wick - Where is Wicker's World?? Many thanks xx

09-Aug-10, 15:37
It was previously called the Harbour Cafe, address is 21-23 Harbour Quay