View Full Version : ISP's - any recommendations

22-Jun-04, 13:10
Not long til we get Broadband in Wick now!

Any opinions on isps??? who's good?? who's not so good??

All advice appreciated :)

23-Jun-04, 08:46
wanadoo for me..............17.99 for 512kb connection, free modem and connection but a 2gb download limit per month.should be okay?

23-Jun-04, 11:46
Sounds good, cheers. Must have a look round and start comparing the different isp's

24-Jun-04, 09:48
Personally I'm with Virgin.net.

The reason I went with them is that they provide their service on a monthly basis.
No 12 month contract. Its only 512K though.

Been with them for quite some time now and no problems with them and it costs 24.99 a month and also Free Connection. You only have to pay for an ADSL Modem which they are providing it for 9.99 including delivery. I nver took this option as I went wireless.

Worth a look