View Full Version : Stewart Pavillion - blue door cafe

30-Jul-10, 19:08
Had lovely fish & chips tea here tonight. Friendly staff, very spacious cafe and not expensive at 6.75 for fish, chips & peas. Will go back again.

04-Sep-10, 10:53
We go on a Friday night for take-away fish and chips. 5.50 for a generous portion, not greasy, and nice friendly staff.

04-Sep-10, 12:21
What is the opening times

04-Sep-10, 14:35
where is this cafe please.

04-Sep-10, 14:50
its on the caravan site in Thurso, very nicely done up compared to what it used to be

04-Sep-10, 18:13
The cafe is open 8am-2pm for breakfast, homemade burgers, huge real coffee selection and beautiful home baking. The pancakes are about 6 or 7 inches across and filled a side plate to overflowing!

Friday nights they do fish and chips sit in or take away from 5pm - 8pm as well as their snack menu to sit in.

They hope to stay open out of season with perhaps a different special menu on a saturday night, and are open to suggestion for theme meals etc.,

Lovely relaxed atmosphere and often see dog walkers stop for a coffee on their way round victoria walk.

I suggested a steak night, mexican, or italian........... any other suggestions?

02-Oct-10, 16:25
Lovely fresh fish and chips take-away last night, and a quite a few folk braving the elements for their weekly treat.

Extended range of delicious home baking includes giant pancakes, flapjacks and various muffins and cup cakes.

Extra opening hours during the mod with a different twist to the menu.

Opens every day from 8am until

Friday 8th October 9pm
Sat 9th 5pm
Sun 10th 4pm
Mon 11th 9pm
Tues 12th 6pm
Wed 13th 9pm
Thurs 14th 9pm
Fri 15th 9pm
Sat 16th 5pm

02-Oct-10, 18:29
I like to go in for a sneaky cake ...red velvet cupcakes are Ionas fave!
She wont share them:lol:

02-Oct-10, 20:35
Oh yes the red velvet cupcakes. So far I have only looked longingly at the display, but will have to try one very soon.

Still recovering from the size of the pancake which filled a dinner plate.

Caithness Girl
22-Oct-10, 19:28
After reading all these fab recommendations I thought I'd give their fish supper a try.......and discovered it was shut!

Anyone know when they're open?

22-Oct-10, 22:19
Have been a regular for the fish and chips every Friday since they started up, but found the place closed tonight, despite the cheery"see you next week" remark as I left last week.

Huge disappointment.

10-Nov-10, 20:05
Great joy !!!

The blue door cafe is now open again on the caravan site in Thurso.

See you there soon perhaps Dadie ?? Leave a cupcake for me!

10-Nov-10, 22:39
Im not often in Thurso these days...
I tend to navigate towards Wick...
But if im in thurso I usually pop in for a sneaky cake...or 2..
As im in to see the doc or something that has to be done in Thurso, usually between playschool hours 10ish till nearly 12!