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03-Jul-06, 17:21
Hi there, I am wondering if any one can help me?

This morning while out walking in the Broubster area I came across a ditch full of glass, not just a few broken bottles but large sheets of glass that appear to have been smashed up.

If anyone were to fall into this ditch they could seriously injure themself.

It is in a ditch right beside the road, and to think that some stupid idiot has deliberatley dumped it there is just disgraceful. Its not as if it will disintergrate or anything. The most maddening thing of all is the recycling centre is only about 6-8 miles away, they obviously needed transport to dump it where they have, so why not go that little extra distance and dispose of it safely.

Is there anyone I could contact to have it removed, or is it a case of leaving where it is and just waiting for an accident to happen?

ice box
03-Jul-06, 18:15
Try the council or transerve there responsible for the roads and ditches

03-Jul-06, 18:37
Does SEPA deal with things like this?

03-Jul-06, 19:02
Not sure, its not pollution but its an enviromental hazzard, probably a council 1, so get the gloves on boys. Strange place to dump glass though?

03-Jul-06, 19:21
Thanks everyone.:)

03-Jul-06, 19:42
Commendable to be so conscientious about the welfare of others!

04-Jul-06, 01:51
I think environmental health and the police would be very interested in dumped glass and would probably find the culprits.

04-Jul-06, 11:04
It's Fly Tipping and it is an offence -