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PC Tan
02-Jul-06, 13:28
Hello, this is my first post on here and for some reason it has taken me ages to put fingertip to key, but anyways..

I thought I'd try the new Barbers opposite the crazy golf course and near Meikeljohns (Sp?) in Wick, and was very pleased with the cut I received. I'm male incidentally and was pleased with the service.

Just thought I'd mention it. :)

11-Jul-06, 17:46
i took my son there and he got the best hair cut i think he has ever had, very friendly people to

21-Jul-06, 16:06
I have just had the worst haircut of my life in the Shear Genius in Thurso. It was so bad that I would be surprised if the so called barber has ever completed an apprenticeship. I shall not be going back there again.