View Full Version : Bubbles car wash/ valet

26-Jul-10, 15:48
Just got my car done by the guys at the old Lochshell filling station, what a fantastic job the guys have done as the car was in a mess with dog hairs, inside is like it just came out the show room, even the stuff in the glove compartment was tidied up and put in the covers they should be in.
Dropped the car off and then got a run home and picked up 2 hours later when the car was finished, all this for 30 well done, guys will be back

26-Jul-10, 16:29
sounds good, wish I knew about them when I came home from our hols, the kids had made a total bomb site out of the back seats. Nevermind I will use them soon as car is starting to need a good clean again.

08-Aug-10, 18:03
We have just had the guys at Bubbles do our car and have to agree that they do an absolutely brilliant job. Our car is now spotless and they have done an excellent job getting all the ground in sweeties and crisps off the seats, you would never know that there is usually a 3 year old in the car.

Will definitely be using them again.

09-Aug-10, 14:30
Have used them a few weeks ago when in Wick and was most impressed with the job done and the prices they are charging.