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09-Nov-01, 12:16
Sorry Amethyst for not being able to take part in your quiz but the "gremlins" :grin: :grin: and I could not connect


09-Nov-01, 15:27
I think the gremlins hit everyone. Maybe a replay could be arranged if that is alright with Ameth. Same that shes gone to all that work collecting the questions and not been able to ask them.

09-Nov-01, 15:51

09-Nov-01, 16:39
Yes, those German Gremlins were out in force last night too! :grin:

09-Nov-01, 17:34
Hi Amethyst

The gremlins were out in force in the rockpool as well!!

It was a pity though as I think I was well ahead at the time. :grin: :grin:

It would be great if you ran a replay next Thursday. Are you up for it???????

Is Lois Lane (aka Gleeber) going to be there?


09-Nov-01, 18:19
Hello Amethyst,

I was also tossed out of the quiz room onto the sidewalk, and spent the next hours sitting on the curbside, waiting to be let in. Was not able to reconnect to the website until well after midnight.

It would be great if you would do the quiz next Thursday. -Ht

09-Nov-01, 20:35
If you got chucked out of the room HT - You must have been awful bored at your work yesterday. Skyver


09-Nov-01, 22:24
ac, you are obviously unclear on the concept of multi-tasking. I picture you at work, with one envelope in your hand, chanting "most open it, must open it" until you find the letter opener.

I, on the other hand, can process probates, sling thousands of dollars around, write legal documents that singe the hair of the defendants, boss the bossman around, harangue the court clerks and still have time to lose the quiz! I swear, sometimes I work so fast, I become a BLUR.

09-Nov-01, 22:43
:eek: Htwood, what an ambitextrous person you are.

Any chance you could come and keep amethyst and her siblings under control? :evil

09-Nov-01, 23:05
Sure thing Fran! On the condition that you take my place here. That includes a 13 year old with orthdontist appointments, an aging father, a Luddite husband, two beautiful blondes away at university, who call ALL the time, and a sassy sister. You don't have to feed the hamster, cuz he's dead, but you have to do scottish dancing in my place at Dunsmuir House. Oh, and be sure to water my raspberries and place flowers on me mither's grave. Deal?

09-Nov-01, 23:59
Well, I don't know about my bratty brother and my silly sister, but does da Šlever Amethyst really need to be controlled??? :p

And yeah, I'll do the quiz next Thursday... If y'all beg me!!! ;)

10-Nov-01, 00:10
:grin: Brother may be bratty at times, but your sister is far from silly :grin:

o.k. am grovelling, but never again :p

10-Nov-01, 00:11

10-Nov-01, 12:50
She would too, ht!!! [lol] [lol] :lol:

12-Nov-01, 18:35
OK, I'm going to have to believe you two! Thanks for warning me. -Ht