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25-Jul-10, 01:02
Tonight at about 12.15 am while travelling back home from Brora, I was approaching Thrumster when a cat ran across the road into the path of my car, there was nothing I could do because it happened so fast. Unfortunately I ran over the poor animal. I turned back and saw the cat lying on the road. Because of the severity of the impact the cat was killed. It is a black and white cat, wearing a purple, velvet collar. it was obviously someones pet. I lifted the cat off the road and placed it onto the stone verge.

The accident happened between Thrumster house and Thrumster garage. I am so sorry, but there was absolutely nothing I could have done to prevent the accident from happening. If anyone reading this knows who the cat may belong to please pm me.

25-Jul-10, 01:07
That is a very honest thing you have done and I am sure that the family who owns the cat will appreciate your honesty and the fact that you have moved it off the road. As you said, it was unavoidable and it could have been worse. I know you are feeling awful but you have done the right thing.

25-Jul-10, 01:27
I admire you for your honesty very brave of you to do this
Hope you are ok after this ordeal and i hope the family understand as you did admit to it unlike certain people around these parts...

25-Jul-10, 09:56
aww what a shame on the family but its good for u being honest and putting it off the road so no more cars can run over it i have lost 3 cats on the road and one of them were put on caithness.org by daisy chain and the others we got told my ginger bangal x died in my dads arms it was so sad :( i admire u for doing what u did well done and u dont have to be sad as u did do the right thing putting it off the road not many pople would post that they hit a cat its so heart breaking for the owners though

25-Jul-10, 10:46
What a shock for you and I am sure your kindness in laying the little cat by the side of the road will be appreciated by the owners.:(

25-Jul-10, 12:24
what a shock for you, its a dreadful thing to happen. i live in Thrumster with 2 black and white cats but both are safe and well, but i have lost 2 cats previously on that stretch of road.:~( i think i know whose cat it is...i will try and see them

25-Jul-10, 13:54
what a fright for you, you must be gutted.:cry:
but thank you for trying to contact the unknown owner by anyway means,
thats very nice of you and at least they will now know the misfortune that became of their cat,where to find it and that it didn't suffer.
wish someone had had the decency to do that after running over my black lab puppy instead of leaving him for dead.[evil]

25-Jul-10, 15:09
The accident happened between Thrumster house and Thrumster garage. I am so sorry, but there was absolutely nothing I could have done to prevent the accident from happening.

When an animal suddenly appears out of nowhere you do not have a second to react. So sad, but unavoidable and not youre fault! There are so many selfish, arogant people who wouldnt think twice about running over a poor animal. Pet or feral 'oh it was only a cat' but you have taken the time to put this up and apologized only shows thatyou are genuinly sorry and that you are not lacking in compassion for Gods creatures. This has only to be admired. The owners will apreciate you honesty. So sorry about the poor mog and for the owners to. :~(

27-Jul-10, 08:03
Everytime I see a cat near the road when I'm driving my hearts in my mouth. I dread them running across.
There was nothing you could have done to prevent yourself hitting it, it happens in seconds.
The main thing here is that you had enough of a conscience to stop the car, check the cat and move it to the verge. It's unbelievable the amount of people who don't bother to do that.
I'm sure the owners will appreciate your honesty and will also have some comfort in the fact that you can confirm that their pet didn't suffer by the roadside all night.

I'll never forget someone hitting a cat on the A99 just approaching Tesco. The cat was just left in the middle of the road so I was the one who had to stop my car, pick up the dead cat and scour the local houses for its owner.

You did the right thing by the cat and the owner.

03-Aug-10, 23:01
hello,im replying to the message you kindly left for me,about my lovely cat misty,i appreciate the fact you are sorry,and you must have felt terrible about hitting him,an accident that couldn't be avoided,it was a sudden shock for me,and still miss him alot,he was 16,but its a bit of a relief that you cared enough to take him off the road,and im very grateful for that.He was my forth cat to get hit on that same stretch of road,but this is the first time anyone has had the heart to say sorry,thanks again.li5ask

04-Aug-10, 00:23
Thanks for replying, and being so understanding, you have made me feel a whole lot better. I have a cat myself so I can empathise with you. I have passed the spot a couple of times since and saw he had been removed which made me feel a bit better too.

04-Aug-10, 17:20
Sorry about your cat li5ask :( RIP Misty.

2little2late, it was very good of you to be honest. I know it would have been a comfort to know when the same happened to my kitten. Unfortunately no one admitted it then and left him :(