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footie chick
01-Jul-06, 18:52
Had internet access with e7even now have a silly message please dont panic instead of google home page how do I get rid of it? have signed up to the new company recommended but cant get rid of message can still access all other sites its driving me mad:(

03-Jul-06, 02:19
Footie Chick,

Can you post a screenshot of the message somewhere? If not, what exactly does the message say? Did it start the moment you changed ISP's?

It might be adware (although a screenshot would make it easier to be sure).

footie chick
03-Jul-06, 18:54
As of late April 2006, subscriptions for a term longer than 1 month at a time had been withdrawn, and due to easynet being forced to withdraw service, all packages offering a line speed higher than 2Mbps had also been withdrawn, although existing users had been offered an upgrade to ADSL Max at an unspecified future date for a pre-payment of 19. In the last week of April 2006, customers found they were again able to contact the ISP's customer services number, which appeared to be connected to a new call centre. Shortly after this, on 28th April 2006, there were significant changes to the network routing connecting E7even's network to the Internet. Despite speculation about the implications of these changes, no formal announcement has yet been made.
On the 1st July 2006, customers were informed of the termination of their contracts. (will write more later)

seems like they were a waste of time and money:mad: back to normal with different provider now thanks

03-Jul-06, 20:29
I've had the same problem with providers in the past. Not sure how cheap (or expensive) easynet ISP is but I've given up chasing the cheapest deals around the internet. I've decided to stick with the one who causes me least problems! I've stuck with my current ISP for the last two years and have had about 2 hours of downtime (that I'm aware of) in that whole time!

Hope your new ISP is as reliable as this and you don't get too many more bizarre error messages!