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24-Jul-10, 22:18
Had yet another beautiful, totally home-cooked meal there today with my Dad.

They take such attention to detail; giving us a huge jug of water without having to ask for it and when I ordered a coffee it came in a cafeteirre (sp?) which I love, and also with a choice of cream or milk and brown or white sugar, again I never asked for these choices - it was automatic !

Really nice, soft background music and a lovely fire going in the original schoolhouse grate - though it was a relatively warm day, the heat from the fire was just perfect.

Thoroughly recommend this establishment !!

Tel - 01955 611391 -

27-Jul-10, 08:55
may i be really stupid and ask where this place exactly is - i was in j o g a couple of weeks ago - not sure where this restaurant is - think i may take my little girl there this week xx you just dont get proper homemade food or any decent service anymore xxx

27-Jul-10, 08:59
Take the road towards Duncansby Head.
It is just off on the right a little way up, looking surprisingly like an old schoolhouse.

28-Jul-10, 20:01
Book in advance- it isn't open all day so a call ahead is a wise idea

29-Jul-10, 12:29
Many thanks i will maybe pop out this weekend - and shall call in advance xx

30-Jul-10, 01:18
Have been with family and friends a couple of times and I have to agree with all the praise given for both quality and service.