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23-Jul-10, 14:18
With all the crazy delivery charges for up here, I would like to recommend a company that treats us the same as the rest of the UK.

Chemist Direct (http://www.chemistdirect.co.uk/) is an online Pharmacy, but sells so much more than just medicines, and at really good prices. For orders under 40 there is a charge of 3.45 regardless of size or weight or postcode. Orders over 40 are FREE, even for up here, and they usually deliver via Royal Mail, so no waiting for couriers who deliver when they feel like it.

I have used them quite a few times, and had great service, but recently I decided to put their claim of delivery regardless of size or weight to the test. I ordered a couple of smaller items plus 15kgs of dog food and 12.75kgs of parrot food. At the checkout, I waited for the usual exclusions to my postcode, but no, I still got the free delivery because my order was over 40. 3 days later my order was delivered by the postman.

So not only were they cheaper for the items I purchased, but they did give me free delivery.

What I also like about this site is the fact they have Live Help Online, where you can just go and chat to someone about a query you have, there and then, without incurring extra phone expenses or waiting for an email response.

I just thought I'd recommend this company, as I am so sick of being treated as a postcode leper.

25-Jul-10, 00:29
Thanks for the link. There are a few good bargains to be had, and the RM delivery is well worth it.

27-Jul-10, 18:00
have used this company a couple of times, really good for tropical fish treatments and accessories most of the stuff was between 1 and 2 cheaper than pets at home, only downside was when i placed order it didnt tell me things were out of stock, only found out when i recieved my order. but would still recommend to anyone

28-Jul-10, 18:53
One click pharmacy offers free delivery over 35 and have some products on buy two get one free offers.