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22-Jul-10, 23:44
have been shopping here for some time now, but after having a terrible experience at Bews to compare them to, i feel compelled to get on here and shout out about these guys.

if you're gonna have a barbecue this summer (:eek:) Castletown Butchers is the place to go, they've got the best burgers/sausages (and special barby things like spicy steak kebabs and greek style pork steaks) in the whole of Caithness.

(if you want cardboard thin, frozen burgers that shrink to coaster size on a barby, get yerself to Bews.)

the staff at Castletown are excellent as well, very attentive and friendly.

23-Jul-10, 08:06
Have to admit I have never been to Castletown butchers but have heard they are very good (must go sometime) but I have to disagree to comment on Bews butchers, have always found their butcher meat very good, and I think, as far as burgers go there is a choice of thick or thin ones. I also have had a frozen order from Bews and it is brilliant.

23-Jul-10, 08:27
yes their great go their all the time they now have a van coming round

23-Jul-10, 12:32
Mmmm their spicy chicken is good and I LOVE their chicken curry pies!!!!

23-Jul-10, 12:45
Mmmm MUST give them a try and also heard Castletown Chip Shop is very good

23-Jul-10, 13:31
Must try Castletown Butchers have only heard very good reports about them. I take all my meat from Douglas mackay in Thurso and cannot fault the quality or service :lol:

23-Jul-10, 17:14
As a Glaswegian who has visited Caithness on a regular basis and has had

many a tasty fish supper from the Castletown chip shop. I've also bought

fantastic sausages and butcher meat from the Castletown butcher too. I'd

thoroughly recommend a visit to each of these shops

I'm looking forward to my next visit in just a few weeks, its become quite a

ritual to visit Castletown.

23-Jul-10, 18:15
Hi i must agree Derek who runs the butchers there now is a luvly guy, the staff all are very welcoming and as said previously very attentive.... Best greek style pork chops i have ever tasted... recommend their stir frys and chinese diced pork also.... Clean and fresh....

01-Aug-10, 21:34
The spicy steak kebabs are great. :)
But why are all butchers so expensive. If your'e away sooth, track down a Halal shop and compare prices.

02-Aug-10, 09:50
I honestly don't mind paying for decent food - i am a believer in you pay for what you get - the castletown butchers i don't think is out the way for prices at all xx