View Full Version : Dog Training Classes

21-Jul-10, 22:09
Does anyone know of any dog training classes in Thurso area.

21-Jul-10, 22:58
Ashmount Canine Training, With David Ashpool.

22-Jul-10, 06:55
Carolyne Pulton from GreenlandK9Training is fantastic with both owners and dogs alike! Carolyne does different training classes at Bower on a Sunday morning.

Highly recommended!

22-Jul-10, 07:54
Can also recommend Carolyne, she is brilliant with the dogs and the owners!

22-Jul-10, 14:07
try Dave Ashpool in MEY he has an accredited dog training centre by the British Institute Professional Dog Trainers (probably the only one in scotland) Affiliated Instructor with the National Association of Security Dog Users.He will come to you or you can go to him.He is available during the day,evenings and most weekends.If you ask he will show you what can be achieved by using his kind and fun training sessions with his own dog T.D.He is the person who train other local instructors.