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21-Jul-10, 15:55
From September 2010, TDS will provide a reliable, professional range of administrative services with a flexible approach to suit clients' needs.

Create /maintain customer files as your business grows.

Create worksheets using formulas, references etc.

Invoicing / Credit Control
Too busy to send out your invoices? Are some customers late with their payments? Passing over responsibility for invoicing and credit control you'd be surprised at how effective a gentle reminder can be.

Mail Shots
Promotional letters prepared and mail shot sent on your behalf.

PowerPoint Presentation
Need a professional PowerPoint presentation for that all-important meeting? AOS has the expertise and enjoys doing it too!

German -> English and English -> German.

Encompassing everything from the time you leave your home / office until your return, AOS provides a complete, comprehensive, detailed and personalised itinerary and timetable.

Word Processing
Typing of all types of documents, i.e. letters, correspondence, minutes, reports, lengthy documents or any other written material using advanced features, i.e. indexes, page numbers, headers and footers. Just send the work via email, post or courier and AOS will turn it around within an agreed timescale.

Prices available upon request.