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19-Jul-10, 12:04
If there is one thing you should try that is outside your usual comfy box before you die then it must be Caithness Smokehouse's smoked mussels. They will knock you into taste heaven and back again. Just try them!!


19-Jul-10, 12:41
Absolutely delicious, also their smoked salmon and tasted their smoked cheese at the show and it wa sreally lovely but the smoked salmon is my favourite :lol::lol:

19-Jul-10, 13:40
Their smoked eggs, are different, a new taste I experienced earlier this year

30-Jul-10, 01:30
I agree with all of the above and plan to go back for more of their smoked Hake and a try at their smoked scallops. Friendly folks with an ever growing range and good reputation.

30-Jul-10, 09:39
Mum and Dad live near the smokehouse and get something nearly every week.
What I have tried (when out at my parents) has been good, and i normally dont eat fish!

01-Aug-10, 21:49
They had smoked goose at the highland games.
And they will smoke things for you as well.
Looking at making my own ham/bacon with the next piggie for the freezer I get......and like it smoked:lol:

hell raizer
03-Aug-10, 20:30
hi can anyone tell me what times or day's the caithness smokehouse is open, i'd hate to go out to barrock and find no one there.

John Inglis
04-Aug-10, 01:25
HI there .... The smokehouse is normally open every day but sometimes I have to do deliveries....so ...... it's better to call first and check.!

:) Tel: 01847 635007

hell raizer
04-Aug-10, 15:48
thank you, we wen't out earlier and managed to get someone there :)