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19-Jul-10, 11:07
I think its great to sit back feet up and watch an old black and white war film........just wondered if anyone else did or what films do you lot like?

19-Jul-10, 11:42
Some of the best films made.The 40s/50s ones are superb.

John Little
19-Jul-10, 11:47
I love old film. I collect vintage stuff - Lumiere Brothers, Mitchell and Kenyon and all that. Not so fond of 'movies' just the stuff they filmed of peoples' everyday lives.
Or the old GPO documentaries - which I now have all of.

And funny you should post this today because I just bookmarked this;

for future use an hour or so ago.

I also happily browse Movietone.com and British Pathe- could spend hours there - and do....

19-Jul-10, 12:52
i love an old film in the afternoon - sometimes channel five have one on or film 4. I like particularly Blithe Spirit, The Quiet Man, plus any northern dramas, old westerns too - Cup of tea, home madecake Fire lit, children playing or snoozing quietly on the settee, It is a winter activity for me but mmmmmmmm Lovely.

A few miserable days have been cheered up by old films One really miserable day at a christmas I spent without the boys was made bearable by watching "A taste of Honey" not just a film but a slice of history, the docks, the stereotype of a gay man, Dora Bryants heels - fantastic.

19-Jul-10, 16:26
The Quiet Man love it reminds me of my dad and nana they loved it and whiskey galore too lol i like wizard of oz and anything with bette davis :D

19-Jul-10, 17:38
"Hell Drivers" and "Brief Encounter" are my black and white favourites.

im behind you
19-Jul-10, 18:11
i watched one last week sinking the bizmark i think not sure. but i fair enjoyed it. my fav black and white film will be the wooden horse nows thats class.

19-Jul-10, 22:17
I love The Million Pound Note, I could watch it again and again!

south view 7
25-Jul-10, 20:07
Stalig 17 one of my favourites from many,takes me right back to "sittin in ae dooks in ae picture hoose" happy days indeed.........