View Full Version : a little bit of help goes a long way

16-Jul-10, 20:14
hi my name is vicky, i currently work the wick area doing washing ironing and general cleaning for people, i also walk small dogs and collect shopping. i have very reasonable rates. if you could do with a hand with any of these things or even something i havent mentioned feel free to pm me or for more info. thanks for looking vicky:D

18-Jul-10, 23:30
i do ironing at 5 per laundry basket
washing at 6 per laundry basket this will also include the drying
household cleaning 6 per hour
small dog walking is dependant on type of walk I.E short, long.
any more info feel free to pm me thanks

19-Jul-10, 22:55
Have you tried a wee ad in Tescos, CO-OP and haldanes?
Lots of people look at the ads!

20-Jul-10, 01:00
hi daddie thankyou i do plan to put adds about but at the moment im overflowing with customers so i will be shortly but thanks for the recommendactions

20-Jul-10, 13:30
Glad you are busy!
Hope the other lassie in Lybster gets a few people too.

Ps Its Dadie not daddie (im a mum) !

20-Jul-10, 13:53
yeah sorry i did realise after i had wrote it all. i hope she gets on well too poor girl is getting quite a bit of stick hey.