View Full Version : Small Pleasure/Private boats in Scrabster

12-Jun-04, 17:32
Hi, Does anyone know who to contact with a view to trying to persuade the authorities to install 'marina' type floating pontoons for small boats in the inner basin. This would make it far easier/convenient to moor and to gain access to your/my boat at any state of tide and hopefully if required could be left in the water most of the year to take advantage of some of those lovely still :D winters days. I have spoken to the Harbour Master and members of the yacht club to no avail, lack of funds they say! I have just been reading the news articles on caithness.org and I see that CASE and HIE are giving money away to various causes including money to the Ackergill Tower Company to upgrade the Forss Hotel to 5* !? Am interested to know whether this is a loan seeing as how most of us cannot afford to go there or the tower very often. So surely funding must be available from somewhere, with an income from boat owners using the facility to boot. Regards Lochan

13-Jun-04, 12:03
I would assume that you would have to convince Scrabster Harbour Trust that it was a good idea and then they would apply for funding from CASE, etc. They would also have to put some funds in themselves.

To your comment about Forss Hotel and whether it is a loan or not, I doubt it. The investment is so that jobs can be created locally rather than the average commoner getting to use upgraded facilities.