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28-Jun-06, 15:57
meat packs bought some well hung meat (freezer pack) from an advert in the groat for beef.
the supplier was quoys of cannisbay. the meat comes vaccum packed , so it takes up little space in your freezer. all the beef is aberdeen angus cows and i must admit it was probably some of the best meat i've ever tasted.
the sausages were very tasty with very little shrinkage.
i'm usually very particular about my meat but wouldn't hesitate to recomend this to anyone.if you want their number feel free to pm me or look out for their adds in the groat and courier

oh yeah and they deliver to your door free of charge.
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29-Jun-06, 11:07
What all is included in the packs?

03-Jul-06, 14:22
packs include-

1kilo beef sausage
1 kilo steak mince
1 kilo stewing steak
1.25 kilo roasting joint
4 home made burgers wieghing 3/4 kilo

as i said earlier the quality of the beef was absolutely fantastic. they do also sell other things like brisket , lorne sausage, haggis , rib of beef etc.

04-Jul-06, 01:22
how much does this pack cost

Cedric Farthsbottom III
16-Jul-06, 00:04
25,per pack.