View Full Version : Tourist stops between Inverness and Wick

13-Jul-10, 20:18
Anta pottery- expnsive, but has nice cafe with lovely home baking (near Tain)

Dornoch- for the Town Jail and Country Interiors- lots of nice coffee stops and wonderful hot chocolate in Dornoch Castle Hotel (along from the Jail)

Brora- buy your ice cream at Capaldis and take it down to the harbour for a wonderful view of the beach

Helmsdale- for Timespan; chips at La Mirage and wonderful Strathullie crafts by the harbour- a real treasure trove.

Lybster for Waterlines, and a trip to camster Cairns

That little picnic spot behind Ulbster- after your visitors have climbed the Whaligoe steps

Enjoy- and why not try these for yourself

13-Jul-10, 23:57
ho ho ....thanks for that, good idea's...getting fed up with" the backies"

14-Jul-10, 09:51
A supper from the chippy at Golspie. Walk through the alleyway to the sea front and sit on the sea wall enjoying the view and food! Weather permitting of course, lol!

14-Jul-10, 12:19
Off to Inverness to-morrow and always have fish and chips at Golspi yum yum, plus our little Border Terrier loves a run on the beach, can,t wait:D

lynne duncan
15-Jul-10, 21:50
alness for a walk along the street (love to look in victoriana)

golspie's new toilet

play area in helmsdale for the kids and the play area at golspie