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13-Jul-10, 13:44
hi looking for a band for a friends wedding next year anyone recommend any


13-Jul-10, 15:31
This topic has been debated many times, but from memory Whisky, The Jacks, Jigsaw and Remix all spring to mind.

13-Jul-10, 15:47
Jude are fantastic for a Wedding Dance. Couldn't recommend them highly enough!

13-Jul-10, 15:57
poppet couldn't find the previous threads and the one i did was quite old. whiskey already booked.

maximo: never heard of jude don't go out much so not up to date with bands. could you pm details thanks:)

14-Jul-10, 23:45
Remix are the best, they played at my daughters wedding, excellent/

15-Jul-10, 09:28
half canned

15-Jul-10, 21:38
Nickles & Dimes

18-Jul-10, 11:28
Yup also recommend Jude!

18-Jul-10, 16:39
We had Manson Grant 4 years ago and they are very good, they keep people on the floor.

18-Jul-10, 22:40
We had kw1 and they were fantastic

19-Jul-10, 09:17
we had half canned at our wedding dance on saturday night and could not fault them, everyone kept coming to me and saying how great they were

20-Jul-10, 22:25
HAD a mix group of people at my weddin and Remix had them on the dance floor all night, but was at a wedding a couple of weeks ago and they had Jude. Very good band and played alot of younger songs.

Highly recommend both bands

21-Jul-10, 20:49
We had half canned at our weding 5 years ago, and the floor was full the whole night

23-Jul-10, 19:30
Remix were very good last time I heard them (about two years ago), make sure they bring someone with an accordion so you get some Scottish. KW1 are also very good but awfully loud for a wedding. They've recently changed their singer but are as good as ever. Shame you can't get Whisky as they're the best.

07-Sep-10, 20:57
We have had Half Canned at a couple of doos and have been at other wedding where thery have played they are great for such occassions .

Contact Barry Reid at Building control the council offices in wick

10-Sep-10, 19:15
I PM'd you, 22esra.

28-Sep-10, 08:00
Jude are fantastic for a wedding dance, i think so.
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