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10-Jun-04, 17:52
Metal from Nottingham - Debut album release soon on Psychophonic Records

We are keen to play in Wick during the last week in August 2004. We have reasons! It would be cool if we had local bands to play with and judging by this forum there are plenty of you into your metal. We have pro gear and lights etc so even a good hall would be cool. We will cover the trip to Caithness from Nottingham off our own backs.

If you ever get a chance to grab a HEADHUNGLOW demo, GRAB IT! Low death growls (Morbid Angel style) against high pitched death roars (December) blended in with melodic one liners, perhaps a heavier version of Killswitch Engage. Even though this Nottingham piece has the dynamics of death metal, the band also have a slightly doomier edge. "Soundtrack to a Riot" is one of the best demos I have heard for a while. Very Impressive. - Soundtrack to a Riot demo review by Ragebreed - March 2004

Please take the time to visit our website


MP3 of Soundtrack to a Riot (Demo) from forthcoming album available in full from website


16-Jun-04, 14:12
hi. In relation to the request above. Does anybody have an idea what the telephone numbers are for The Black Stairs lounge or The Yard as there isn't a telephone directory service in the land that lists either number. Progress eh.

16-Jun-04, 15:47
The number for the yard is 01955 609 331 but can't find a number for the blackstairs.

Is it just Wick you're interested in playing? Or Thurso aswell?

If you're still looking for support then I might be able to help you out. We're not metal by any means, but we're certainly rock. If this is no use then that's fine. But you can check out our site and see what you think ( http://www.bosshogg.co.uk )


16-Jun-04, 16:36
Hi. Thanks for that Darren. I've had one local interested party to play already so if you're up for it too then that's cool. We generally try to get nights with 3 bands on down here. If Thurso is a better bet than Wick then it'll be close enough. I believe our guitarists familiy live between the two although closer to Wick. I seem to remember Thurso being a bit bigger so maybe it would be easier. I had been to your site before, and I do agree with your sentiments on the old belief that small towns don't produce anything musically and it's only cities. It is rubbish!! Although our band is based in Nottingham only one of us is from there originally and one of us is from your corner of the world.

17-Jun-04, 09:46
If you're looking for help setting this up then i'd be glad to oblige. I had kind of said a couple of months ago that I fancied setting up a local (original) band night in a venue in thurso. If you gave me a list of dates you could manage I can start the ball rolling with venues, PAs etc etc......

I don't know if there would be any money in it for you, that's the only problem. Ticket sales would probably only cover the hire of the venue and PA.

If you also give me the name of the other band interested I can liase with them and try to organise it properly.

If you want to email me that's fine. It might be easier. It's darren @bosshogg.co.uk

Hope this is of some help to you.


17-Jun-04, 12:59
Could you not do it a week later and my Liverpool based band will play as well?

17-Jun-04, 13:02
HHL...have you ever played a Nottingham Glasswerk night? They're a Liverpool based promo company that has national gigs, Nottingham's one of the places they have an established night. I know the fella who owns it.

17-Jun-04, 14:44
Hi. I can confirm that we have been given a date now to play at The Yard in Wick on Tuesday August 24th. (To Mike - it has to be that week as it's as a surprise to our guitarist who will be there on holiday visiting family.) To anyone who checks our website out in advance for mp3 downloads www.headhunglow.co.uk , if you look in the gigs section this date will not be listed as I cannot risk our guitarist finding out before he travels up. The venue and the other band(s) playing (yet to confirm this with them) will be in a situation to promote the show. I will keep posting all details here. What's the glasswerk thing then???

17-Jun-04, 15:38
oh i thought you meant July! Lets see if I can talk them in to playing up in the faaar north!

17-Jun-04, 15:43

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