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11-Jul-10, 18:35
Can anyone recommend a nice river or loch walk to take my dogs on, not too near town, say within 1/2 hour drive of Wick?

12-Jul-10, 11:03
Hi i am sure you have already been here - but i was only there for the first time last month - a very kind gentleman recommended it to me, and i would highly recommend it also - down at the Wick river - the path goes for a good bit then the heightened view at the end was luvly - very peaceful, met a couple of joggers and dog walkers and a family.... Def be going again xx

12-Jul-10, 19:29
dunbeath strath maybe?

14-Jul-10, 12:29
Stemster Loch , then you can go down the road to Rumster Forest, great for dog walking, when we go we've only ever seen a few people odd times. Good Luck

15-Jul-10, 21:42
Loch More, easy walk on the forest track there as well.

15-Jul-10, 21:48
Where is Loch More?

15-Jul-10, 21:53
Where is Loch More?

whaaaaa ?!!? :eek:

16-Jul-10, 06:52
What's that supposed to mean?

I wonder why I bother sometimes!

20-Jul-10, 23:59
Shurery estate - beside the dam- gorgeous and very peaceful

Dunnet Forest

Loch Watten- go along to the pot

That lovely picnic spot just behind Ulbster (across road from Whaligoe)