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27-Jun-06, 17:42
One of my daughters has just been sent a chain letter,it says that it was started in 1996 and if its kept going until winter 2007 it will be in the "Guinness book of records" she has to send it to 7 friends, it also says that the post office is monitoring to see who breaks the chain (which i don't understand how they can do) were in two minds to send it on or just bin it:confused My head tells me its all a load of rubbish. what would all the rest of you do

27-Jun-06, 17:48
Bin it! The bit that says that the post office is monitoring to see who breaks the chain shows it's a con.

27-Jun-06, 18:02
It is a lot of nonsense. Put it in the bin. Your head is right - follow your instincts.

27-Jun-06, 18:04
Quite agree - these things are subversive and nasty.

27-Jun-06, 18:15
Definitely bin it! Don't believe the bit about the Post Office either!

27-Jun-06, 18:18
I think your all right, the thing that threw me was it says you write Guiness book of records on the envelope and and your name to the list of names (on the envelope too)[evil]

27-Jun-06, 19:52
my oldest got one too and i ripped it up and chucked it in the bin. best place for it.

George Brims
27-Jun-06, 20:54
In olden times (the 1960s!) chain letters always used to have stupid warnings about how bad luck would plague you if you broke the chain. Now people invoke outside authorities (the Post Office or Guinness Book) to try to ensure people will send them on. They're still a waste of time.

27-Jun-06, 21:33
My daughter has been sent 2 now and each time it was put in the bin.

27-Jun-06, 22:01
Would definitely bin it. They are so annoying!

Can't be bothered with chain emails either![evil]

27-Jun-06, 22:04
Thanks everyone,i'm going to put it in the bin right now

27-Jun-06, 23:11
Thanks everyone,i'm going to put it in the bin right now

I also recieved one and binned it straight away.

27-Jun-06, 23:20
Definitely bin it. Same goes for chain emails - delete. Doesn't matter what they appear to be - good causes, charity, anything. Don't believe a word of it.

I was sent a "recipe tree" letter in aid of Great Ormond St. Hospital a while ago asking to send a cheque for 1 to the hospital and recipes to 6 other people. It claimed to be trying to raise 5m. or 15m. or something, can't remember now as I binned it. Can you imagine the administrative nightmare that would be for the hospital, to say nothing of expense - all those cheques? There was an article about it in the Times later at the request of the hospital asking people to please stop.

28-Jun-06, 09:00
if in doubt about the authenticity of an email, check the above link.

28-Jun-06, 11:54
We've just had another guiness book chain letter,this one went straight in the bin never even opened it[disgust]

28-Jun-06, 20:46
my daughter got 1 ov em 2 and its now on seater tip lol

28-Jun-06, 22:46
My daughter has just received one too
Looks like its on its way to the bin after reading this
Just another scam.

29-Jun-06, 01:40
I got one and binned it , the next day a representitive from the post office turned up at the door with a police officer and I was duely charged with disrupting the flow of Her Majesties Royal Mail....na not realy.

29-Jun-06, 10:08
You had me worried there for a minute...very funny though[lol] [lol]