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27-Jun-06, 15:37

My mate is needing her hair put up for a wedding soon and is wanting recommendations for who can do this in wick. Shes hoping to be getting a chinese style dress for it and if she is will be putting it up with chop sticks, so need recommendations for who is good at this type of thing in wick. Thank you

27-Jun-06, 18:44
Angela's in Back Bridge street. She's fantastic at putting hair up. I wouldnt go anywhere else.
She's very busy though so you'd need to book well in advance.

28-Jun-06, 15:53
oops sorry wrong thread

felis silvestris
28-Jun-06, 22:37
I've just joined the Caithness.Org forums and my first post was going to be to ask if anyone could recommend a good hairdresser. I was suprised to see somone else asking the same question. I have thought about trying Angela's so I will definitely try and get myself booked in once my hair has grown since it's most recent ordeal with a hairdresser! I wouldn't care I only want a simple style. :(

28-Jun-06, 22:42
Louise Farquhar in Streaks Ahead is an excellent hairdreser. I would definitely recommend her!! :)

Tattie B
28-Jun-06, 22:50
i would also recommend streaks ahead they may be a wee bit more expensive but definately worth it. lindsay is very good at cutting and colour.

29-Jun-06, 22:54
Definitely Louise Farquhar. I was in there recently and watched her putting up someones hair for a wedding. It was really lovely and she has some very original ideas. She is a natural.

01-Jul-06, 19:01
Personally, I wouldn't go anywhere else but Shear Klass in Argyle Square - best saloon in town - Vivian and her staff are excellent.

01-Jul-06, 23:19
I recommend Headlines in Wick they are all friendly nice girls and morven is excellent at putting up hair well worth a visit

02-Jul-06, 12:11
no matter where you decide you will need to book as soon as possible as they are all busy and it can be hard to get an appointment especially at the weekend.