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West Coaster
08-Jul-10, 10:31
I am looking for someone to clean my rhones does anyone know of someone that will do this?

08-Jul-10, 13:01
What is a rhone?

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08-Jul-10, 13:53
Rhones are the bits that collect the rainwater from the roof to direct it into the downpipes!
Its not too bad a job if its a single storey house but its a pain to do in a 2 storey house with moving a big ladder!

08-Jul-10, 13:55
Rhones are what guttering is called up here. Mik.

08-Jul-10, 14:09
I think most window cleaners do it

08-Jul-10, 16:05
Try Wickblast 01955603454 or mob.07769954475 in business section on here.

08-Jul-10, 18:29
My hubbie can do this for you:
Clean Sweep Maintenance (listed in business section):

01955 631733 or 07743 256816