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07-Jul-10, 18:41
I would highly recommend John Mowat of Millside, Westfield 01847871321 for a driving instructor
having just passed my driving test today John gives excellent explanations on everything to get you through your test, He has the patience of a saint(im sure i tested him quite afew times).

07-Jul-10, 20:20
Congratulations on passing your driving test BazzaG !:)

mum of three
07-Jul-10, 20:49
Congrats on passing your test. I have to completely agree with you . John got me through my test 2 years ago. I cant recommend him highly enough.

12-Jul-10, 20:00
Yes John is great. So patient and friendly, moved away years ago and still get a big wave if I'm ever home!

13-Jul-10, 15:54
Well done on passing!! Can anyone recommend a good instructor for the Wick area please? And not to expensive either thanks xx:D

14-Jul-10, 16:16
I would reccomend any instructor who kkeps themselves up to date and in the know, Lee Cartwright is still high on my list of rec's :)