View Full Version : New Pup Kizzy from S&LHEN

06-Jul-10, 20:41
Here is a few quick snaps to see herself


06-Jul-10, 20:45
how gorgeous is she ur very lucky bet she is like ur tv u watch her for hrs .hours of funny

06-Jul-10, 20:46
What a wee cutie :)

06-Jul-10, 20:48
Isn't she gorgeous :D but what big paws :eek: she is going to grow into those :lol:

06-Jul-10, 20:49
Absolutley adorable, so sweet. :)

06-Jul-10, 21:01
Thank you so much for putting them up she is so beautiful, Im so pleased thats the 4th set of photos ive seen tonight of the diffrent pups its amazing to see.

Can you pm me your email please as ive got a few photos together for you from when she was born till she reached her 8 weeks, Ive done it for all of them just so you can look back over them and compare.

Thanks again its made me so sad but happy if that makes sense :confused:lol:

06-Jul-10, 21:18
kizzy looks like a loveable bundle as her brother marley is, marley got his 1st injections today, nd the lazy baby fell asleep through his general examanation, he didnt wake up unto after he had his injection, next time he goes back he is in for a bigger shock, as im getting him microchiped aswell. just so delighted i got him, thankyou to s&lhen for him.

06-Jul-10, 21:24
Yeah they look pretty much identical, Kizzy was at teh vets also getting her jag, due back next week aswell to get micro chipped and 2nd jag rather her than me

Also just setup a album http://www.piggywig.co.uk hopefully adding photos as she grows

07-Jul-10, 23:18
Aww she is gorgeous :)

08-Jul-10, 10:47
Aw she is absolutely gorgeous.

What a good idea to set up a photo album. Your other dogs are really lovely as well.:D

Well done S&LHEN for being such a responsible and caring breeder. If only they were all like you.

08-Jul-10, 14:45
So cute :)

27-Jul-10, 21:22
Here is a new pic of Kizzy out and about


27-Jul-10, 22:17
aww,she is so gorgeous.

15-Aug-10, 18:31
i had the honor of meeting little kizzy today at the scruffs dog show at thurso beach my pup marley was playing with her he was rolling and he was licking her and she was licking marley she is a lovely wii thing :)