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07-Jun-04, 19:00
Does any one know of any clairvoiyants/ mediums etc in the area that do pirvate readings, have been trying to find a good one without any luck. :(

George Brims
07-Jun-04, 19:19
Well if they're any good won't they find you?

07-Jun-04, 19:25
haa very true why didnt I think of that.... maybe settle for a not so good one then?

07-Jun-04, 22:41

This is a local person. Somewhere near watten I think.

07-Jun-04, 22:45
great thats my neck of the woogds thankyou!! :D

07-Jun-04, 23:09
Ye ! she lives up past the mart on the road that leads on to the castletown-wick one . the road has a Y junction take the right hand fork i think its the second house on the left . I"ll try to get her number for you . best of luck ..

07-Jun-04, 23:13
thats very kind I have emailed her and hope to hear back soon!

08-Jun-04, 09:34
I've sent you a private e-mail - cos' i don't want to give people's numbers on a web site.

Good Luck.

12-Jun-04, 18:59
ive been to marie the tarot card reader.lots of things she told me came true.i would say its worth the fifteen quid.only thing i didna lek was the smell o cats in her house!GO for it folks her num is 621676.

12-Jun-04, 19:06
Have made an appointment thanks to all you that replied.