View Full Version : doggy holl's

05-Jul-10, 10:07
thinking of getting away for a few days with 2 dogs, any idea's that will welcome pets (no city's):roll:

05-Jul-10, 10:47
Have you looked at cottages 4 you?
I dont remember how expensive they were for a short break but they have quite a few that accept dogs!
We did camping in a tent with our old spaniel... easy before the kids came along!
We would use a spike to tether him to on his extending lead so he wouldnt escape in the morning and pester people making their breakfast of bacon and eggs!

05-Jul-10, 17:34
I quite fancy camping, other half said I wouldent last a night:( ....will have a look at those cottages ..cheers xx

Beat Bug
06-Jul-10, 09:50
Some TravelLodges accept dogs. They charge an extra 10 per night.

06-Jul-10, 21:22
We went here http://www.holiday-rentals.co.uk/p421074 last year with our 3 dogs. Some really nice walks near by.

So nice we are going back again this year!

06-Jul-10, 21:45
I hired a residential caravan in kessock recently and took my dog not very far away i know but it was lovely some nice walks for the dog.

07-Jul-10, 22:06
thanks 4 that...still looking most places are booked up, well caravans anyway...will keep looking xx