View Full Version : The Xbox 360 "ADD ME" thread

Celtic YNWA
04-Jul-10, 00:52
Seeing as there is a PS3 one i thought i would start an Xbox 360 one.

Xbox gamertag: Celtic YNWA

Currently playing: MW2, Forza 3 and the odd bit of rock band.

06-Jul-10, 21:44
My OH is Rkid112 and mine is Stacy1983 add us if ya want he plays Modern Warfare, Forza 3....bit o everything really tbh and i play only now and again lol limited time an all that ha

07-Jul-10, 09:54

I play rockband but usually only in the winter month. Very rarely that I find time in the summer...

07-Jul-10, 17:18
Mine is Tiny Since 1988, and i mainly play on MW2 and Forza 3, but i play a little bit of everything.

07-Jul-10, 17:52
Rare that im on at the moment. Wont be off it when Halo Reach is out or fable 3. mine is Aegis

16-Jan-13, 16:23
My Husbands is BillyEspie add him if you want, he plays mostly all the new games like farcry 3, black ops 2, wwe 13 etc etc :)

12-Feb-13, 17:43
good old billy, hides well on infected :P mines my username PHOENIXTWIN2, im gta4, halo, black ops, blackops2, minecraft