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Niall Fernie
02-Jul-10, 00:03
Well, now that I have been "forced" into creating this forum for all the Caithness Gamers I'd better come clean and admit to my gaming dark side :)

First off, I'm a proper gamer and by that I mean a PC Gamer, I have the best of gfx and sound, the mightiest of control systems (keyboard and mouse). Now I'm not going to say I have the best PC gaming system, just that its waaaay better than any console (for now).

I'm a big fan of First Person Shooters (notice I'm using the full name for the nuubs), driving games (especially the Colin Mcrae Series) and World of Warcraft.

I have a couple of old vids on youtube from Colin Mcrae and a good few league matches recorded from Quake3Arena on my hdd.

CMR2005 Hotlap:

Dirt 2:

I've also recorded footage from Trackmania Nations which is a brilliant free driving game that reminds me very much of ReVolt (a classic):

Anyway, have fun in the new forum....

The Drunken Duck
02-Jul-10, 06:41
Cheers Niall .. :D

Many Thanks.

02-Jul-10, 13:02
Niall you should have a look at www.iracing.com

Niall Fernie
02-Jul-10, 18:03
Looks like its only for windows users at the moment (no linux support booo).

If I get time to reinstall windows I might give this a look. It doesn't look like they do a trial version either which kind of puts me off it a bit. Even the subscription behemoth WoW has a ten day trial.

Looks like it'll be TrackMania for a while yet, runs like a dream on Ubuntu under Wine.

Yoda the flump
02-Jul-10, 21:56
I'm with you Niall, PC gaming it is, and there is only one game.....

Blood and Thunder - FOR THE HORDE!

Gnomes aint that bad though.