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01-Jul-10, 14:29
Yes its me again [lol]

Which is the best Opitians for choice & value in the Caithness area ?

10-Jul-10, 14:25
i'd have said Gerry O Brien in the past- now I'd send everyone to the one in Thurso.

Duncan and Todd are not value for money- go to them for an eye test and then take your prescription and go to the goggles4u website

10-Jul-10, 19:38
My old dad needed an early appointment and usual place (Hendersons) were 3 months ahead with appointments. Went and should not have gone to Specsavers when they visited the WeighInn. Hendersons in Thurso every time

10-Jul-10, 20:37
I always take my son to Hendersons in Thurso even though its further to go.
They are very Helpful and quicker with appointments.
(They were open on Saturday mornings, don't know if this is still the case.)

20-Jul-10, 23:53
No doubt there will be a storm of criticism for not supporting chains and the likes of specsavers etc- but with something as precious as your sight, it's reassuring to ahve the ongoing support of a practitioner who knows you and your needs well.

Specsavers and Duncan and Todd don't provide that kind of serivce- in caithness they send people up on a rota (none of their team wants to live this far north on a permanent basis- so its unlikely you will see the person who tested your eyes when the spectacles arrive- if there are complications

Mr Henderson is there when you need him- and its reassuring to have this sort of service.

I was singing the praises of the online services- but the glasses they did for me didn't fit, got the script wrong - and writing off a pair unworn wasn't a good idea.

Stick with the local guys

21-Jul-10, 12:29
I go to specsavers when i need to, either when they are up here or in Inverness, never had any problems with them and always found them very good to deal with.

30-Jul-10, 19:02
Graham Henderson every time. Excellent service and patient care. If you lose a screw from your glasses or have problems with contact lenses etc. they will repair/see you promptly. Not handy if your optician is based in Inverness and only visits Caithness occasionally.

03-Aug-10, 16:39
All my family and friends use Specsavers, never heard a complaint yet.

03-Aug-10, 17:09
Im heading to specsavers soon :)

04-Aug-10, 18:51
Hendersons is the best. I have been going there for more years than I care to remember and I am always 100% satisfied with his service.

04-Aug-10, 19:00
I am very happy with Specsavers.

I used to go to Hendersons and I saw much better to read after getting my prescription changed by Specsavers and have continued to be happy with them.
They are here every month now which is really handy and you can just pop in to have any problems sorted out.:D