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26-Jun-10, 13:32
Hi there,

Can anyone recommend someone to do a digital aerial instalaltion please?
Out of the three in Thurso the only one I have not yet heard bad things about is Graham Beggs.

Has anyone got any recommendations as to who did work for them and what quality of workmanship you get please?

Thanks x

28-Jun-10, 08:58
I have slots available for an aerial install.
Just ask around the org and they will let you know how good i am lol...
Also check my website www.pr-electrical.com


28-Jun-10, 09:17
Thanks moonboots,

Can you tell me how much it would be to have a digital aerial fitted and how much for each additional room.

Can all rooms run off the same aerial?

Thanks for getting back to me.


28-Jun-10, 18:10
Standard Aerial install is only 89.
This includes Wideband Aerial, bracket(s), cabling to a single point

Every additional point is 30 there after.
However there would be an initial payment for the Masthead amplifier + PSU of 30 extra.

So for an aerial installed to 2 rooms the cost would be 149
And for an aerial installed to 3 rooms the cost would be 179

The Masthead amplifier is used so you can run extra points to other rooms without a loss in the signal strength. ( In other words - Yes one aerial can be used to run to other rooms )

Hope this helps.


02-Jul-10, 01:09
I would highly recommend Moonboots. He sorted my tv's etc for the changeover and did a great job. he is a nice friendly man too.

02-Jul-10, 14:53
Thanks Fran for your recommendation. I hope you enjoy your trouble free viewing.