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05-Nov-01, 21:35
Trying to contact my old mate Dougie Wares who used to live in Ackergill Street. I last saw him about 25 years ago when our paths crossed when we were both home in Wick at the same time. Dougie will be about 52 now. He worked in Dounrey and then left to take up a job with Cable & Wireless. He married a girl from Thurso and moved out to Jamaica or the West Indies for a spell. He may now be in London.

Hope someone can put us in touch again.

Dennis Sutherland

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15-Nov-01, 12:44

Here we are still alive and kicking. Now living in Hook, Hampshire. Probably creating records here but ....still working with Cable Wireless after 30 years. I have two "grown up" kids Jennifer 21 and Stephen 19 and the wife Priscilla from Thurso (same one after 30 years next April - you get less time for murder!).

I now look after the C&W Data and IP projects team in Europe so lots of travelling but hey, one airport/hotel looks much the same as the other.

Give me an E-Mail and we can catch up.

All the best....Dougie