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25-Jun-10, 15:56
Hi does anyone out there have a full size hackamore that my daughter can try on her horse to see how he goes, pm or phone:01847895932
m 07541441330,thanks.

25-Jun-10, 16:08
Does she have experience using a hackamore? Would a bitless bridle be better to try first.?
I wouldn't advise just using a hackamore without knowing what you're doing.

25-Jun-10, 16:38
Just going on the vets advice, her horse is teething just now, i would of course try a bitless bridle if anyone has one.

25-Jun-10, 16:53
I was going to ask was it due to mouth problems, a Hackamore is very harsh in the wrong hands, Bitless bridles are far kinder as they act as a whole head hugging device displacing overall head pressure and generally generate no pain where the Hackamore is a muzzle vice and can in wrong hands be painful to the horse.
Hope you find something that suits your horse :)

25-Jun-10, 17:06
I have a full size hackamore left over from an old horse, you are welcome to have a shot if you like, although as mentioned above your daughter would probably need to be shown how to fit/use it at first. It's been hung up for a while so might need a bit of a clean!

25-Jun-10, 22:11
they are great if you have nice soft hands i had a warmblood that hated the bit and i put him in an english one which is the kinder of the two types and we jumped foxhunter in it but be warned they can take advantage and lean on it it takes a short while for them to get used to it as you have to ride a lot more from your leg because they have a danger not to engage properly from behind,and you need to prepare your horse to turn a wee bity earlier than you would with a bit but used properly they are fab
good luck in your quest:D

26-Jun-10, 22:49
Thanks for your replies i have got it sorted out now