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23-Jun-10, 14:00
does anyone have an experience of a firestone rubber roof???

I believe there is someone with "sid" on his van who is an approved installer....anyone know of him / his contact details or an experience?

Many thanks in anticipation

23-Jun-10, 14:03
ok i've realised from the org - it's S.I.D services....and it's not a person called SID - doh!!!

anyone used them ??

23-Jun-10, 15:07
yes and they are very good the product itself is very good you have nothing to lose by giving them a call, nice bunch of lads

23-Jun-10, 16:22
Yes used them a few years ago. Fantastic guys who really got on wi the job and even cleared up after themselves. Roof was in a bit o a state and they sorted it all out. Even came back to see how things were a year later and sorted another prob for free. Now that's what i can service!
Def better roof than felt. x:D

23-Jun-10, 16:33
Anyone got contact details?

23-Jun-10, 17:36
S I D stands for stuart and ian duffy should find them in phone book?

23-Jun-10, 17:38
tel 08007316756

23-Jun-10, 18:02
Coghill joinery also approved to fit rubber roofing

23-Jun-10, 20:10
We used S.I.D. about 4 years ago, did a very good job. Roof still as new, well pleased and would recommend them.

23-Jun-10, 22:41
they came out today and looked - waiting for a quote.....

cheers for the recommendations.....