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29-May-04, 10:26
seen the prices in thurso and castletown this morning 88.9 ppl for derv and 87.9 ppl for unleaded .Drove to wick and shell filling station in george street 86.9 ppl for derv and 85.9 for unleaded. THIS MUST BE THE CHEAPEST IN CAITHNESS. :Razz . Both john o groats and watten over 90 ppl for fuel. [evil]

29-May-04, 11:14
Petrol Prices in Caithness are scandalous...always have been.

I live in Aussie now ( in an area which tends to have fairly high prices by the standards over here). We are currently paying $1.03 per litre for unleaded which at the current exchange rate works out at 42.9pence per litre.

The government here also makes a killing on fuel excise duty...... though very obviously not as much as they do in Westminster.