View Full Version : Julie & Julia

20-Jun-10, 18:14
I have just finished watching this on DVD and really enjoyed it.:D

It's based on the true story of Julie Powell who wrote a blog on cooking over 500 recipes ,from the cook book written by Julia Child, in one year.

I would highly recommend it.

22-Jun-10, 06:30
I too really enjoyed the film when it came out last year. Meryl Streep did a great job of playing Julia Child (I used to watch her cooking show on tv many years ago).
I too would recommend it.

22-Jun-10, 20:14
I like Meryl Streep as well Betty and she was brilliant in this film.

I had never heard of Julia Child. She seemed to be like America's Fanny Craddock but not so terrifying?:lol: