View Full Version : Home help?

17-Jun-10, 15:51

I'm enquiring about employing someone as a home help for a family member?

Please PM me if you, or anyone you know, would be interested in this - possibly about 5 - 6 hrs per week at the going rate.

Thank you for looking.

22-Jun-10, 19:11
Just to say an absolute massive thank you to everyone who made enquiries about this position !!

This is just one example of how truly a great place the "Org" is - just so many kind,considerate and thoughtful people are on here !

My family member now has a really lovely lady who's going to look after him. Also thank you to the very considerate people who just wants to know how things go!

Thank You !!! (You know who you are ;))

22-Jun-10, 20:53
Delighted the org has come good for you all.

22-Jun-10, 20:58
Thank you Poppett !! :)