View Full Version : Dimplex duoheat radiators

16-Jun-10, 12:19
Does anyone have these radiators installed -can you recommend them (or not). Any information/advice appreciated.

16-Jun-10, 17:53
Hey you could try to see if anyones used on one here ukplumbersforums.co.uk

16-Jun-10, 18:26
I was going to get them when I had electric heating installed but apparently the settings are quite complicated so I opted for 'ordinary' storage heaters which I was advised to get by an electrician and am very happy with these.

I think Angela of Caithness Energy Advice may be able to give you info on the duo heat. The phone no is 01847 896524

17-Jun-10, 12:16
Mr L and Liz, thanks very much for the advice, will check them out.