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15-Jun-10, 12:36
I am looking to buy a sewing machine for my daughter. I don't know much about them except that Singer used to be the one to buy. Is it still the same, or is Tesco, Toshiba, etc., just as good? Tesco has one that compares very well as far as the spec goes to a Singer model but the Tesco one is about 30 cheaper. Do I go for the Tesco one or the Singer? Do you get what you pay for, or are you just paying for the Singer name?

Thanx :)

puffin croft
15-Jun-10, 13:15
i have always used singers but i bet tescos is worth a go! i think u do pay extra for a name and its always worth trying a different model,let us know how u get on!

14-Dec-10, 19:11
my mum always swore by brother as well.. so dont know if that will help!

14-Dec-10, 21:17
Its Pfaff for me!

I would always buy a brand name with sewing machines as my experience has shown that bobbin winding is very poor on cheaper machines and then the whole upper/lower tension can be a problem. Also if you buy a brand name, getting is serviced ought to be easier.

My mum's machine was a 1960's Singer and I must have hammered it! It was very good.

You're right to keep comparing the specs. A lot can depend on whether you want fancy stitches or fairly basic and how much it'll be used (then the tension thingy doesn't become a problem). I only had problems when I was stitching thick fabric or loose weave stuff. If its just the odd taking up jeans or curtains then go by price, otherwise, I'd say pay for the quality.

There you go. That was very opinionated of me! Lol

All the best with your purchase.