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13-Jun-10, 19:18
Hi all,

As a newbie to both the org and Thurso (moved here in April) I was wondering if there are any knitting groups locally?

I did pop down to the precinct on Saturday and signed up for the new Northern Loops group, but was wondering if there was anything else?

Im a fairly new knitter, have done a lot of baby hats and mittens etc and am finishing off my first jumper for my little boy..... fingers crossed it works!

If anyone can help, it would be appreciated!



14-Jun-10, 09:56
" Stitch and Blether," not solely dedicated to knitting but alot of knitters are members, meets in Thurso .
Have pmed you.

14-Jun-10, 17:11
Hi Lizz,

Thanks for the message, Twiglett messaged me too.

Looking forward to saturday!

30-Jun-10, 17:16
Did anyone go the the Northern Loops knitting on Saturday?

Juuuust wondering as I was there :D

30-Jun-10, 17:53
yes i did come through from the Wick side, thought there would have been more folks there! Did go to Elizabeths and picked up some charity patterns, teddies for tradgedies, glove puppets etc.

14-Sep-10, 10:26
I haven't been on here before. just wondering about this 'Stitch and blether'. I've done quite a bit of knitting over the years, but not much recently since the children grew up. Is it open to anyone?

can you give me any details

14-Sep-10, 11:29
There's also a craft n chatter in Watten. We meet every Tuesday in the committee room, Watten village hall 2-4pm cost 1.50 for tea & raffle. We have about 10 regulars with a variety of skills. Nice way to catch up with friends

14-Sep-10, 16:21
Hi Diana,

If you fancy coming along to the stitch and blether I'm sure you'd be most welcome. I pop along occassionally...next meeting is Saturday 10-30 at the United Reform Church in Thurso.

Im not sure if I can make it, but if not just find Sharon & tell her you were talking to Sara :)

16-Sep-10, 12:55
Thanks, Sage.
Hopefully, I will get there on saturday, so look forward to meeting everyone then