View Full Version : Fed up of unwanted timeshare or double glazing calls

25-May-04, 22:59
Fed up of unwanted timeshare or double glazing calls, here is the answer and it is free and government funded.
To get rid of the unsolicitated phone calls and unwanted junk mail check this site out its easy and I say again it is free


hopefully I will now get me tea in piece an quaitness


26-May-04, 20:14
Golach, don't want to be a wet blanket just to let you know that I've been registered with TPS for quite some time now and although it has reduced the amount of cold calls I receive, it does not eliminate them all as the companies have now got a a way round TPS. They now call up for "Market Research" and then ask if an advisor can call round to discuss more, this way they are not selling anything so therefore do not have to remove your name & number from their books. Easiest way to deal with them is to politely place the phone back in the receiver or pull out it out of the socket at tea time! :lol:

tides of pentland firth
11-Sep-04, 22:52
Here's a funny story for anyone that will listen:

On the day my grandfather died. My brother was in his house when the phone rang. It was an indian phoning about CR Smith asking for my grandad. We calculated it must have been about half an hour after he died. My brother said "sorry you've just missed him"