View Full Version : Towels for rescues?

13-Jun-10, 15:48
We're replacing all the towels in our hotel at the moment, so have lots we no longer need. They are in OK condition, just a bit mishapen some of them, and various colours (white, cream and red).

I wondered if, instead of throwing them out, maybe the SSPCA centres would have a use for them? Or any others?

Only problem is, I'm in Kinlochbervie in Sutherland, and we wouldn't be going anywhere near the Balmore centre, although if someone was in the area and able to take them there, they would be welcome!

13-Jun-10, 17:22
Check with some of the lorry drivers there at the KLB fishmarket (G Mackay lorries)they quite often come to Scrabster and I am sure that they if they are asked nicely they would drop them off in Scrabster and if so, I could arrange to have them brought out to Balmore if they want them?

13-Jun-10, 17:24
What a very thoughtful idea Sarah!

I've been thinking about doing the same with mine. (even tho I don't have "hotel quantities" LOL!)

Hope you find someone that would take them to Balmore - I'm sure they would be able to use them. :)

13-Jun-10, 17:25
Good thinking Sarah, what a lovely idea. :)

13-Jun-10, 23:13

Many thanks for considering donating the towels to the Scottish SPCA who would be delighted to accept any of them. I am the SSPCA Inspector for Caithness and Sutherland and am heading to Durness and KLB tomorrow (14th June 2010) to do Education talks at the primary schools. If its convenient I could call into the Hotel and pick some up. You can leave a message at the Balmore Centre on 01847861386 and they will be able to get a message to me. Thanks again


14-Jun-10, 14:48
Thanks for your message, I am glad you were able to pick them up :) hope they are of some use.

18-Jun-10, 18:13
:Razz and mop top would love some to as she rehomes strays and looks after them ,shes got a little place which it would do wonders for her to ,pm her ,any thing little is a help :Razz

18-Jun-10, 19:36
Well the SSPCA took them all, but I'll keep moptop in mind for the future too :)