View Full Version : Motorbike tour of Europe

18-Jun-06, 09:37
My husband is on a tour of Europe on his BMW motorbike.

he is in France having done England-france inc the Dordogne, Picos de Europa national park in Spain, South of france - Northern Italy - Slovenian coast - Croatia - Slovenian mountains, Austria and across southern germany in a day to avoid the world cup, back to France. He'll be at a bike rally in Holland next week. To see his wonderful photos, go to: http/upquark.smugmug.com:lol:

18-Jun-06, 17:15
Hiya, You had a slight typo on the website address as the page didn't appear initially. Its amazing how a missing '/' can mess up an address. It should have been


Hey great pics btw!

19-Jun-06, 17:13
thanks very much - keep visiting the site as he adds photos every couple of days. He is currently in Begium looking a WW1 staff and will then go to Holland for a bike rally. I think he may come home next week and then go off to Norway for a week via Shetland...and then he'll come home and look for a new job!

23-Jun-06, 18:39
he's coming home next week - yippee!